ACK Series

Twist clamp cylinder

Product Feature

1. The material of seals guarantees the reliable performance of the cylinder that is used under various conditions.

2. Three-slot guide structure leads to high guide precision.

3. There are single and double side clamping fingers can be selected (90 ํ ).

4. Levorotatory and dextrorotary are available ; 90 ํ and 180 ํ.

5. The material of piston rod is made form special alloy steel, which has longer life after heat treatment.


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MCK Series

Clamping cylinder

Product feature

1. It suits for workshops that make automation welding.

2. There is a scraping dust ring in front cover, it is firm and durable that can avoid dust and splashed welding slag breaking cylinders, It is more reliable than dust helmet.

3. It fits the working environment where has strong magnetic field, if it uses the sensor switch which is with strong magnet and anti-strong magnetic field.

4. Inlet interface are optional on three sides; buffer adjustment and speed limit adjustment are built-in.

5. Various types of sensor switches are available.


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Sensor switch--DS1-69AM Series

Clamping cylinder


DS1-69AM series are anti-magnetic sensor switch,

which are for AC magnetic environment.

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