HFT Series

Air Gripper(wide style)

Product Feature

1.Design for large workpiece.

2.Double pistons design to increase the clamping force.

3.Magnet is included in the Standard configuration.

4.The Gripper opening or closing can be precisely synchronized with the rack & pinion mechanism.

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HFZ Series

Air Gripper (parallel Style -- ball bearing)

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HFK Series

Air Gripper (parallel Style -- roller bearing)

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HFP Series

Air Gripper(Mechanical parallel style)

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HFY Series

Air Gripper(Angular style)

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HFR Series

Air Gripper(180 ํ open/close style)

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HFC Series

Aic Gripper (parallel open/close style)

Product Feature

1.Cuniform block is adopted in the interior of the air gripper to afford larger gripper force.

2.The bumper is adopted in the front of piston, which can reduce the noise of metal bump.

3.A positioning hole ia attached to the bottom of the body, which can improve the precision and the consistency of repeated dismounting and positioning.

4.Precision repeating snatch which adopted roboticized equipment.

5.Kinds of series and styles for you to choice which snatch multiform workpiece.

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