HRQ Series

Rotary table cylinder

Product feature

1.Rack and pinion design, stable functioning.

2.Double cylinder structure, double output could be achieved.

3.The manufacturing precision of working platform is high, and is easy for installation, and is of precise orientation.

4. The center of working platform has a through hold, and pipe can be located and passed through this hole;

5. Guide hole is designed on the both side of the cylinder body (10~200) or undersurface (2~7), which is simply to install.

6. Two modes of buffer could be chosen, adjustment bolt buffer and internal shock absorber, the maximum buffer energy of internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of adjustment bolt buffer.

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QDK Series

Horizontal rotary clamp cylinder

Product Feature

1. Complete rotation on horizontal plane, so more save space compare with QCK series.

2. Boss front end cap and flush front end cap are available.

3. Double pins in the rotation guide groove to increase stability.

4. There are magnetic switch slots around the cylinder body convenient to install inducting switch.




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QCK Series

Rotary clamp cylinder

Product feature

1. It can be used on welding fixfure, the QPQ surface treatment prevent piston rod damage by welding slag ; better than chrome plated piston rod.

2. The front cover with stainless steel dust scraping ring, can keep the dust and welding slag out, and protect cylinder internal parts.

3. The mounting dimension of body is the same as ACQ series, can use ACQ series' accessories.


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