SR Series

SR Series Regulator

Product Features

1. Panel support can be chosen for the installation of regulator with independent use in pipeline.

2. The structure is delicate and compact, whice is convenient for installation and application.

3. The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable and steady.

4. In addition to standard type , lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4 MPa).

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SDR Series

SDR Series regulator

Produce feature

1. Back pressure structure , compact type, cost-effective, installation time saving.

2. Broad regulating range; low-pressure type is optional other than the standard type; stable output pressure; applicable to situation which has low expectation on output pressure but high expectation on performance and cost-effectiveness.

3. Single unit installation ; easy to mount.

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ADW Series

ADW Series dripleg drain

Product Feature

1. The float is with lever structure. Low position enables more stable drain.

2. The bowl made of High intensity PC and covered by steel case is safer to use.

3. Double strainer guarantees the operation of the drainer.

4. Inlet with large port size prevents accumulation of particles or rust.

5. The drainage bowl with large capacity can keep more rust and dirt than general drains.

6. The drain is equipped with large float and sensitive to control.

7. The bowl with large size can store a certain amount of water which reduces discharging time and extends the service life.


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DPS Series

DPS Series digital display pressure switch

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DPC Series

DPC Series minitype no display pressure switch

Product Feature

1. Larger measurement range. Easy to install.

2. Two lines type or three lines type (NPN/PNP output mode) to be chosen.

3. Single button to finish learning setting. Normally close and normally open can be exchanged.

4. Two kinds of setting mode (Simple mode and middle value mode) to be chosen.

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GS,GF,GU Series

GS,GF,GU Series pressure gauge

Product Feature

1. It has sensitive reaction and can work under low pressure.

2. The displayed words in the dial are clear and there are several pressure units to be selected.

3. There are several installation ways and installing accessories to be selected.

4. Various dimensions of screw thread are available.

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